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Trade US Stocks and Options Around the Clock

React immediately to market-moving news and trade over 10,000 US Stocks and ETFs, plus US Equity Index options, when it’s convenient for you.

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Trade over 10,000 US Stocks and ETFs, plus US Equity Index options, when market-moving news happens.

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Trade US Equities markets during your local market hours or whenever it’s convenient for you.

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Overnight Trading on US Stock and ETFs

Overnight Trading Hours for US stocks and ETFs are from 8:00 pm ET to 3:50 am ET, with the first session beginning on Sunday at 8:00 pm ET and the last session ending on Friday at 3:50 am ET. Trades executed between 8:00 pm ET and 12:00 am ET will carry a trade date of the following trade day.

All clients with US Stock trading permission have access to US Overnight Trading and free overnight market data.

See the exchange listing page by clicking the "Exchange" tab and searching "Overnight" for a complete listing of the available US stocks and ETFs.

Overnight Trading on US Equity Index Options

Trade Cboe S&P 500 Index options and CME Group S&P 500 Index options on futures around the clock

Cboe Equity Index Options CME Equity Index Options on Futures

Clients will need US options trading permission to trade Cboe Equity Index Options and will need US futures options (FOP) trading permission to trade CME Equity Index Options on Futures.

Interested in US Overnight Trading?

IBKR Clients: Log in to Request Trading Permissions

Log in to Client Portal and click the User ("Head/Shoulders" icon) > Settings menu. From the Settings page, click Trading Permissions to request additional trading permissions.

Trading permission requests are typically approved overnight.

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FAQs About Overnight Trading

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