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IBKR Desktop

Welcome to the Future of
Online Trading


Seeing is believing. We invite you to see for yourself why IBKR Desktop is on its way to becoming the ultimate trading platform. Download the new software below, then log in with your IBKR account credentials to test drive our work in progress.

IBKR Desktop (Preview)

IBKR Desktop is currently in preview mode with many features still in development. See what's in the pipeline for future releases.

Please contact us at nTWS-feedback@ibkr.com if you have any questions.

IBKR Desktop supports both live and paper trading. If you encounter any issues, please let us know using the Feedback icon in the left panel, and complete your trading actions using TWS or Client Portal.

Not all account types are currently supported. Ineligible account types include:
RIAs, Non-Professional Advisors, Family Offices, Introducing Brokers/Introducing Broker Clients,
Money Managers, and Hedge Fund Advisors

IBKR Desktop is not yet available for Linux.

TWS NextGen Quote screen

How Do We Look So Far?

We'd love your feedback as we continue to develop our new trading platform. We know this initial version is limited, so please comment on what's there and what you hope to see instead of what's missing. Currently available features include:

  • Portfolio: Multiple tabs just below the Portfolio Dashboard let you see your Positions, Orders & Trades and Account Balances.
  • Watchlists: Use the "+" sign at the bottom of a list to add a new instrument.
  • Quote Details: Quote Details are pinned to the right of the Watchlist and Portfolio. Use the heart icon to add an instrument to your Watchlist.
  • Quote page: Click the Quote icon in the left icon panel to multiple panels including Quote Details and our Advanced Chart.
  • Option Chain: Use the Option Chain tab in the Quote panel.
  • Strategy Builder: Use the toggle in the Option Chain window to create combination strategies of up to six legs.
  • Other derivatives tools including Performance Profile, Option Rollover, Exercise/Lapse Options tool and support for trading options on futures.
  • Full Order Ticket: Click Buy or Sell from the Quote panel to see the Order Ticket.
  • Search: Quickly find instruments using Search in the title bar. Currently supported assets include stocks, ETFs, options (single and multi-leg combos), futures, and funds.
  • Chart: Access Advanced Charts by clicking Quote from the left icon panel and then selecting the Charts tab. Submit orders by holding the cursor at the desired price point and clicking the "+" sign.
  • News & Research: Find our Events Calendar, Fundamentals Explorer and News feeds in the right panel below the Quote Details.
TWS Watchlist
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What's in the Pipeline?

The IBKR Desktop platform you've downloaded is our initial version. Below are some of the features we're working on for future releases:

  • Rapid Order Entry
  • Window Management
  • Layout customization
  • Global Column Customization
  • More Order Types
  • Additional Product Types
  • Hotkey Order Entry
  • Market Depth - Level II
  • Market Scanners
Click the IBKR Desktop button below to download and install our new preview version of our "built from the ground up" trading platform. Once the software is installed, log in by double-clicking the newly installed IBKR Desktop icon and entering your IBKR account credentials.


  • Any trading symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to portray recommendations.