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Formulaires et informations complémentaires

Regulatory Notices and Risk Disclosures

Please review the following disclosures carefully, as they contain important information regarding your Interactive Brokers account.

Disclosure Regarding Use of the Impact Dashboard and Impact App Download
Electronic Commerce Directive Notice for Dutch Clients Download
IBIE Description of Our Services and Fees Download
IBIE Client Consent to Accept Electronic Records and Communications Download
IBIE IFR Pillar 3 Disclosure Download
IBIE Risk Warnings and Information on Financial Instruments Download
IBIE Order Execution Policy Download
IBIE Disclosure of Risks of Margin Trading Download
IBIE Multicurrency and Forex Disclosure Download
Risk Disclosure For Structured Products with IBIE Download
IBIE Risk Disclosure for Leveraged and Volatility-Linked Products Download
Risk Disclosure for Professional Clients Trading CFDs with IBIE Download
Risk Disclosure for Retail Clients Trading CFDs with IBIE Download
IBIE Risk Disclosure Statement for Trading OTC Precious Metals Download
IBIE Risk Disclosure Statement for Trading OTC Metals Futures Download
IBIE Stock Yield Enhancement Program Agreement Download
Interactive Brokers Disclosure Regarding Automatic Currency Conversion Feature of Impact App Accounts Download
Interactive Brokers Fractional Share Trading Disclosure Download
Systematic Internaliser Commercial Policy Download

* IBKR is required to amend the Customer Agreement by adding and deleting certain provisions required by one or more of the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC"), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited ("HKEx"), Hong Kong Futures Exchange ("HKFE"), The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("SEHK") or their respective clearing houses, and these amendments appear in the Hong Kong Regulations Agreement (the "HK Additional Provisions").