Moscow Exchange MOEX


Access the Moscow Exchange with Your IBKR Account

IBKR clients can now use their account to trade on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), the largest exchange group in Russia. MOEX offers access to several asset classes, including stocks, bonds, options and futures, operates Russia's central securities depository and is the country's largest clearing service provider.

During the launch phase we will list in rubles, offer access to the 41 Russian stocks in the MOEX RTS index and not allow short selling. We will offer access to MOEX through a Sponsored Market Access setup between Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited (IBUK) and AO Raiffeisenbank Russia. IBUK will be an execution, clearing and custody client of Raiffeisen.

Clients can request trading permission for MOEX by logging in to Client Portal and selecting the Settings > Account Settings menu option. Click the "Configure" icon on the Trading Permissions panel and select "Russia" from the list of stock trading permissions.


New Product

Use PortfolioAnalyst’s Fund Parser to Understand Portfolio Exposure

Fund Parser

Fund Parser is a new PortfolioAnalyst tool for measuring key portfolio data*, including top 10 holdings sorted by weighting, regional allocation, sector allocation across 13 available sectors and allocation by country.

You can find Fund Parser within PortfolioAnalyst's Portfolio Checkup feature. Portfolio Checkup helps you measure performance against more than 200 industry benchmarks or custom-defined benchmarks, understand risk relative to return and view exposure by asset class, sector and geography.

PortfolioAnalyst, with Portfolio Checkup and Fund Parser, is free to use and available from the main menu in Client Portal.

*The data used for Fund Parser is received from a third-party source and is updated at the end of each month or quarter depending on the security.

IBKR Trading Platform

New Tools

New Features for Trading Platforms

We’ve recently added new functionality to our platforms to help deliver a powerful and seamless trading experience, whether you’re trading on-the-go or from your desktop.

Across Trader Workstation (TWS), IBKR Mobile and Client Portal

Watchlists and Scanners are now automatically synced to the Cloud so you can see the same lists across all of your trading platforms. Additionally, we’ve consolidated Watchlists and Scanners into a single tool across all platforms to make the interface more intuitive.

IBKR Mobile
  • Take advantage of our always low commissions on currency pairs with the new FX Converter tool. Simply pick the “Currency I Have” balance from the displayed list of your currency balances and define the “Currency I want” balance. Then let the converter do the rest!
  • Act quickly and keep your positions organized with more sortable columns in the Portfolio screen.
  • Scanners is now a tab on the monitor screen.
  • Privacy mode hides data to keep personal and account information safe from prying eyes while you’re on the go!

Learn more about IBKR Mobile for iOS or Android.



Use Our Redesigned Fundamentals Explorer for Free

Redesigned from the ground up, our fundamentals research platform is now available - for free - to all IBKR clients. Get access to fundamentals data from Thomson Reuters on more than 30,000 companies, reports and newswires from 82 firms and over 5,500 analyst ratings from TipRanks.

Dive deeper with over 300 financial statement and ratios data points, plus historical trends and industry comparisons. Additionally, review company background, ESG scores, analyst ratings, analyst forecasts and more.

Fundamentals Explorer is available now on IBKR Mobile and Client Portal and coming soon to Desktop TWS.

For You Notifications


Keep Pace with For You Notifications

The markets can move fast but For You notifications get you up to speed quickly by sorting through changes and notifying you of the most important events and updates in your account since your last login. See filled orders and open orders that might benefit from your attention, dividends collected and the top contributing stocks, interest earned and important options activity to name just a few. For each listed event, tap "More" to get additional details and see related tools right at your fingertips.

Available across all trading platforms, For You notifications are custom-generated for your account, then filtered and weighted to ensure that only the most potentially impactful events make the list.



Create Stock Orders Using Cash Quantity

If you prefer to purchase a specific cash amount of a company rather than a certain number of shares, you can now submit stock orders using Cash Quantity. Instead of buying 300 shares of IBKR, you can now enter a cash amount (e.g., USD 5,000) for the quantity. We calculate the number of shares this cash value could buy right now and show you this value under the Cash Quantity. But instead of using this share quantity as the order size (where the cash value might change if the order price goes up or down) we use the cash value as the order size and let the number of shares change if the order price goes up or down. This helps to ensure you end up transacting as close to your original cash quantity amount as possible.

Cash Quantity supports most stock order types, is currently available on Trader Workstation (TWS) and is coming soon to IBKR Mobile and Client Portal.


IBKR Clients Have Free Access to more than a Half-Dozen Research Providers

Interactive Brokers is committed to helping our clients minimize costs to help maximize returns1. We wanted to remind you that you are able to access the following research providers for free on the IBKR platform.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters combines industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to decision makers in the financial markets.

TWS Name
  • Reuters Briefs
  • Reuters Global Financial Market News
  • Reuters News
  • Reuters Significant Developments
  • Reuters StockReport Plus
  • Reuters Street Events


A real-time newsfeed with pre/post-market earning reports and ratings coverage gathered from hundreds of research firms.

The CryptoCurrency Newswire covers news on cryptocurrency markets, major coins, blockchain ETF coverage and daily pricing updates.

TWS Name
  • Benzinga
  • Crypto News


Capitalise is an award-winning automated trading platform that converts natural language into effective investment strategies.

TWS Name
  • Capitalise


Analysis is written by a team of senior economists and data includes the prior release, revisions to the prior release, consensus and actual data. Consensus is proprietary and actively managed from the forecasts prepared by economists around the world who participate in Econoday’s survey.

TWS Name
  • Econoday (IBKR Mobile only)

New Constructs

Equity research firm specializing in quality-of-earnings, forensic accounting and discounted cash flow valuation analyses for public companies. The firm also provides ratings on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

TWS Name
  • New Constructs Research

Stock Traders Daily

Provides subscribers with data that helps investors integrate systematic strategies while limiting equity market risk.

TWS Name
  • Stock Traders Daily - Free
  • Stock Traders Daily - Trading Reports


Provides individual stock valuation and forecasting reports on over 4,000 US stocks and 1,200 Canadian stocks. The ratings and forecast report includes the outputs from their proprietary models and includes a valuation overview, rating, fair value assessment, return forecasts, market ratio-based valuations, comparable stock analysis and complete company financials.

TWS Name
  • ValuEngine
  • ValuEngine - Chinese

Visit our website to learn more about the full range of research providers available on the Interactive Brokers platform.

IBKR Adds Tradeweb Credit


IBKR Adds MarketAxess as a Bond ATS

IBKR recently established a direct connection to MarketAxess, an alternative trading system (ATS) market that uses a Request for Quote (RFQ) model rather than a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB). With approximately 1,600 active credit trading institutions on its platform, MarketAxess provides a broad and deep liquidity pool.

IBKR clients can send RFQs for bids and offers by opening an RFQ window in TWS, entering a bond and indicating the quantity and direction. IBKR will route the RFQ to MarketAxess dealers, who will send responses in the form of bids and offers.

IBKR clients currently have access to high yield, euro credit and emerging market bonds on the MarketAxess platform. We anticipate adding investment grade credits in the coming months.



Access the Hedge Fund Marketplace

The public can review anonymized hedge fund performance information on our Hedge Funds overview webpage, while IBKR clients who are identified as Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers under SEC rules can learn about investing in independent hedge funds via our online Hedge Fund Marketplace. Specific information, including information on fund strategy and performance, is available in the Hedge Fund Marketplace.

The Hedge Fund Marketplace can be accessed via the Investors' Marketplace > Find Services > Investing > Hedge Funds menu in Client Portal. If you do not see Hedge Funds listed as a category under “Investing”, you are not eligible to invest in them.


New Fund, Product and Research Offerings

We now offer access to 12,430 mutual funds from 260 fund families, including 8,534 no-load funds and 4,270 funds with no transaction fees.

New US Fund Families
  • Abbey Capital
  • AINN Fund
  • ALPS - Smith Funds
  • Ashmore Funds
  • Chartwell Investment Partners
  • Gerstein Fisher funds
  • GQG Partners Funds
  • Grandeur Peak Funds
  • North Square Partners Funds
  • Performance Trust Funds
  • Shelton Asset Management
  • Sierra Funds
  • Taylor Frigon Fund
  • Toews Funds

New Trading Venues / Products


Explore all the products available on the IBKR Platform.

Expanded Research Offering

The following research providers were recently added to the IBKR platform.

View our current listing of research providers.

Traders' Academy


New Courses Available at Traders' Academy

Traders' Academy offers investors, educators and students 30 courses on the products, markets, currencies and tools available at Interactive Brokers. Each course uses a syllabus to define instructional goals, clearly states learning objectives and delivers content across multiple lessons. Quizzes and tests are used to benchmark progress against learning objectives and each course uses a combination of online lessons, videos or notes to help students learn at their own pace. In addition, students can ask questions of IBKR subject matter experts, provide written feedback on each course and rate their learning experience.

New courses include:

Advisor Orientation I

Our Advisor Orientation course is designed to walk you through IBKR’s integrated advisor solutions.

Advisor Orientation II

The second part of our Advisor series will take a deeper dive into the Advisor Portal and TWS. We’ll show you how to create a risk profile questionnaire to send to your clients and explain how you can customize your client’s application and onboard multiple accounts using Application XML.

Introduction to Mutual Funds

Whether you are a first-time mutual fund investor or want to learn more about different types of funds, fees and pricing, our introductory course on Mutual Funds will help you increase your understanding of these investment products.

Intro to Exchange-Traded Funds

Whether you are investing in Exchange-Traded Funds for the first time or want to learn more about different types of funds, fees and pricing, our introductory course on ETFs will help you increase your understanding of these investment products.

Taxes and Retirement

This course puts retirement plans into historical perspective and aims to help the student understand what contributions can be made to different types of plans. You will learn about what the IRS permits as allowable types of investments into different plan types, as well as rules about IRA beneficiaries.

US Taxes for Traders and Investors

This tax course is a general overview of US Federal taxes for traders and investors. Our presenter is Nancy Nelson, CPA, who is a consultant to Interactive Brokers LLC. Until recently Nancy was Tax Director of Interactive Brokers Group LLC.

Learn About Key Economic Events

Learn about the important role key economic events play in moving the markets and how to watch those events to make the most of your trading strategy.


Interactive Brokers Support for Registered Investment Advisors

Interactive Brokers offers a number of support services for registered investment advisors on our platform.

Client Risk Profile Tool
Risk Suitability Tools for Advisors

As a registered investment advisor, you are responsible for determining whether an investment is suitable for your clients based on their risk tolerance.

The IBKR Client Risk Profile tool is designed to help Advisors determine the most suitable investments for their clients, based on each client's risk capacity, risk need and risk tolerance. This information is collected through the distribution of a custom-designed client questionnaire. Advisors can view the scores through the Advisor Portal and use the scores to create custom pre-trade allocation groups in TWS to place orders and allocate trades for clients with similar risk profiles.

Interactive Brokers also integrates with several industry-leading third-party risk assessment tools. Visit our list of preferred providers in the RIA Compliance Center for information on third-party providers or enable the free IBKR Client Risk Profile tool in Advisor Portal.

IAA Discount Code
Silver Partnership with the Investment Adviser Association (IAA)

Interactive Brokers is now a Silver Partner of the Investment Adviser Association (IAA). The IAA is a not-for-profit organization that exclusively represents the interests of SEC-registered investment adviser firms. It provides various services and benefits to its membership, including representing the interests of investment advisers before the US Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Labor, state securities commissions and other governmental entities on issues affecting its membership and the investment advisory profession.

The IAA agreed to extend a 20% discount on first year membership dues to Interactive Brokers clients. To claim this discount, investment advisers will need to note that they have found out about the IAA through Interactive Brokers and reference the discount code "Interactive20" in Item 5, under the "Firm Information" heading in their IAA Membership Application, which is available on this page.

Greenwich Compliance
Greenwich Compliance

Greenwich Advisor Compliance Services Corporation (Greenwich Compliance) provides tailored solutions to help advisors trading on the Interactive Brokers platform meet their registration and compliance needs. We offer resources and services to help advisors with issues ranging from registration to day-to-day compliance and can help advisors of all levels, from established registered advisors to those just starting their own firms.

Advisor Portal
New Tools for Advisor Portal

The Tools tab on the Dashboard now includes Client Data Queries, a new tool to help you better understand and serve your client. Use Client Data Queries to generate reports to segment and analyze your client base. All reports are available in HTML, PDF or .CSV format and can be searched by:

  • Symbol: Query by symbol, position or activity and generate client activity reports by symbol, performance or volume for specified timeframes.
  • Transaction Count: Measure client transaction activity across trades, dividends or position transfers for specified timeframes.
  • Performance: Identify accounts with Time-weighted returns above or below a user-defined threshold for specified timeframes.

Log in to your account to use the new tools or read the Advisor Portal documentation to learn more.

Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard
US Advisors Can Enable Clients to Add an Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard

An Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard unlocks a range of cash management tools for your clients, including:

  • On demand borrowing at low, market determined rates.
  • Direct Deposit to put client cash to work, including earning high interest paid on cash balances.
  • Online Bill Pay to eliminate the hassles of writing checks.
  • Electronic fund transfers for paying recurring expenses such as a mortgage or car payment.
  • Debit Mastercard, with no monthly minimums or late fees.

Are you a full service advisor?

If yes, you can send a debit card to your client by:

  • Logging in to Advisor Portal.
  • Clicking the Contacts tab on the CRM Dashboard.
  • Click on the client you would like to send a debit card.
  • Click the "Configure" icon for Debit Card.
  • Click "Enrolled" to send a card.

If no, you can let your clients request a debit card by:

  • Logging in to Advisor Portal.
  • Clicking the Settings > Account Settings > Debit Card Signup for Clients menu.
  • Click Yes.
  • Click Save.

Once enabled, your clients can request a debit card via the Integrated Cash Management panel in Client Portal to begin using our full range of cash management tools.

Log in to your account to use the new tools or read the Advisor Portal documentation to learn more.

New Feature

Introducing the Compliance Portal

EmployeeTrackSM is a free solution for organizations such as exchanges, hedge funds, mutual funds, brokers, banks, insurance companies and professional services firms who are required to monitor employee trading activity. Compliance Portal is your one-stop source for administering your EmployeeTrack compliance program and offers an updated look, improved workflow and mobile support for on-the-go employee management.

Key enhancements include:

  • Employee Dashboard: The new Employee Dashboard allows compliance officers to view, search and manage employee accounts from a single, intuitive screen.
  • Account Invitation: Send employee account application invitations to employees directly from the Employee Dashboard.
  • On-the-Go Management: Manage your EmployeeTrack account on the go from almost any iOS or Android device.

Additional information about Compliance Portal is available on our website or in the Compliance Portal Users' Guide.

Feedback is welcome and can be sent to

Devices X showing ESG sample screen


Invest Responsibly with Environmental, Social and Governance Scores

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores from Thomson Reuters are now available across all of IBKR’s trading platforms. These scores provide traders and investors with additional data for making investment decisions on more than just financial factors and may help with better understanding the risks associated with investing in a company.

Each IBKR trading platform presents ESG scores in easy to use and understand graphical columns. In addition, scores are searchable in our scanners so that you can quickly compare and contrast company ESG scores.

Visit our website to download the ESG Guide or learn about using ESG scores on our trading platforms.


New Products

Interactive Advisors Rolls Out Global X Portfolios

Interactive Advisors has added two portfolios from Global X to its lineup of investment products. Founded in 2008, Global X is a sponsor of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The Global X China Sector portfolio provides exposure to China utilizing a segmented and processed approach with a tilt towards a "new" economy that is being driven by the shift to a consumer led economy. The Global X Thematic Disruptors ETF Model Portfolio is a growth-focused equity allocation portfolio using Global X and third-party ETFs.

Each portfolio has an investment minimum of $5,000 and is rebalanced every month. The annual management fee of 0.10% is among one of the lowest in the industry for an ETF-based portfolio.

These portfolios are managed by Interactive Advisors based on initial constitution and periodic rebalancing data obtained from Global X pursuant to a license agreement.

Please note that commissions for trades in these portfolios charged by Interactive Advisors' affiliated broker-dealer Interactive Brokers LLC are separate and in addition to the management fee.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in this portfolio, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings.

Interactive Advisors is currently licensed to offer investment services to US residents only. This communication and Interactive Advisors' website are NOT intended to be a solicitation or advertisement in any jurisdiction other than the United States. Interactive Advisors does not provide tax advice, does not make representations regarding the particular tax consequences of any portfolio investments and cannot assist clients with tax filings. Clients investing in Interactive Advisors portfolios should consult with their tax professional about the tax consequences of investing in Interactive Advisors portfolios.


IBKR Recognized by Kiplinger’s Best Online Broker List of 2019

IBKR Mobile rated #1 – Mobile App and Interactive Brokers was rated as:

  • #2 - Best Online Broker – 2019
  • "Best for Active Traders"
  • "Best for Margin Traders"
  • "Best for Mutual Fund Investors"

Read the full article.

Editor’s Choice™ Award as Top Low-Cost Broker Read the full article.

Margin borrowing is only for sophisticated investors with high risk tolerance. You may lose more than your initial investment.

Supporting documentation for any claims and statistical information will be provided upon request.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options". For a copy, call 312 542-6901

Any trading symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to portray recommendations.

[1] Lower investment costs will increase your overall return on investment, but lower costs do not guarantee that your investment will be profitable.

Please keep in mind that Interactive Brokers Asset Management is currently licensed to offer investment services to US residents only. This communication or Interactive Brokers Asset Management's website is NOT intended to be a solicitation or advertisement in any jurisdiction other than the United States. Note that commissions for trades in these portfolios charged by Interactive Brokers Asset Management's affiliate, Interactive Brokers LLC, are separate and in addition to our management fee. Note that there may be similar offerings in the marketplace with lower investment costs. While based on data provided by FTSE and Russell that calculate the indices these portfolios seek to track, these portfolios are not sponsored or recommended by these two index providers. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in these portfolios, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings. For a set of full disclosures regarding investments in these portfolios, please review this document: index-tracking-risk-disclosure-12-jan-2018.pdf

BY USING THIS CARD YOU AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CARDHOLDER AGREEMENT INCLUDING THE ZERO LIABILITY REQUIREMENTS AND FEE SCHEDULE, IF ANY. This card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC) pursuant to a license from Mastercard International. "Metropolitan Commercial Bank" and "Metropolitan" are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank© 2014.

All interest and borrowing activity is through Interactive Brokers LLC. Please see your customer agreement with Interactive Brokers LLC for further details.

Card program marketed and administered by Interactive Brokers LLC, the Program Manager of the Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard.